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Tripper Technologies Private Limited (TTPL) is a technology-driven telecommunication company, certified and recognized as a Startup Company by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion, India. The company has its subsidiaries in the United States of America and United Kingdom - Tripper Technologies USA Corp and Tripper Technologies (UK) Limited respectively.

Tripper Technologies Private Limited proffers software that stimulates data services through virtual modes of technology. TTPL aims to be a pioneer in offering tailor-made solutions to the Internet of Things (IoT). Today, we are living in a world of smart connectivity on account of the capabilities rendered by IoT. It has emerged as an important digital transformation technology regardless of the sector, industry, business or geography the IoT is functioning in, evolving from concept to completion.

With an in-house team of professionals for every vertical that consists of top lawyers, cross-border investment consultants, technology geeks, customer care professionals, digital, social as well as offline marketing gurus, among others, TTPL aspires to be categorized among the top Startups of India.

Catering to Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) segments is TTPL’s future plan.

Tripper Technologies currently has three products under its wings.

Tripper Wifi

Tripper WiFi provides patented virtual SIM-free hotspot device with the help of state of the art technology to business and leisure travellers.
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Tripper Talk

Tripper Talk is a communication-centric mobile application with a VoIP service that facilitates international calling and messaging other mobile and landline numbers from anywhere on the globe, using virtual numbers at very low costs and date usage.
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Tripper Divide

Tripper Divide is a hassle-free expense maintenance app that helps you maintain a record of all the shared expenses that you incur as well as divide it among as many people as you wish.
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Manan Parikh and Manish Bagadia initiated the inception of Tripper Technologies Private Limited. Having common interests in telecommunications and technology led them to explore opportunities in the Internet of Things space. Riding the entrepreneurial journey together since awhile now, the duo forayed into an unexplored territory in India with no roadmaps or guidelines to follow. Just a clear vision! Having a clear understanding of what it takes to be successful, the two sides of the same coin – Manan and Manish, leverage their individual strengths and work on aspects that need development. All this and more, to provide optimum results with their end goal in mind.

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Our Team

Team 1 Manan Parikh Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

A visionary, Manan steers the operational aspects of TTPL and its subsidiaries along with sharing his expertise in business development. He has been instrumental in structuring the foundation of the company. An avid traveller himself, this Tripper’s need to stay connected set in motion the thought of exploring the IoT space. Though a deviation from his first love - the PlayStation, technology-driven devices have always caught Manan’s fancy among other boys’ toys.

Team 2 Manish Bagadia Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Having an engineering background, a technical bent of mind has always been this Tripper’s core strength. Manish oversees the financials and legalities for TTPL and all its subsidiaries. His disciplined and well-planned execution has helped build a strong base for the company. A complete family man, Manish is the calm and composed brain behind the company’s functioning.

Team 4 CA Mahendra Turakhia Director, B.Com, L.L.B (Gen), FCA

A Chartered Accountant practicing for over four decades, Mr Mahendra Turakhia is an expert in domestic and international tax planning, company law and FEMA. His expertise spreads to the field of accounts, audits, foreign collaboration, management consultancy, tax consultancy, franchise consultancy, legal drafting of agreements of any nature as well as stock broking as a Member at the National Stock Exchange (NSE). Mr Turakhia is a faculty member in various business organizations for his views and proficiency in taxation. He is actively connected with a number of social organizations (NGOs) in different capacities as well.

Team 3 Henry Ambrose Chief Information Officer

Henry Ambrose has immense experience in IT operations, data processing, software development and implementation, project management as well as network design. He has been instrumental in providing end-to- end IT solutions like consulting, planning, implementing and management to various industries.

Team 3 Dilip Pareba Chief Technology Officer

Dilip Pareba holds an Engineering (Electrical Branch) degree and is well- versed with a number of technologies. Dilip has been a part of the IT industry since awhile now and also has entrepreneurial ventures to his credit. His software developing skills have led him to explore and successfully implement technical support in various industries ranging from medical to energy, among others.

Team 3 Nirali Parikh Customer Support Head

Ms Nirali Parikh heads the Customer Support Team at Tripper Technologies with over 15 years of experience.
Ms Parikh has handled various customer-centric profiles over the years.She has been instrumental in setting-up,planning and training of the team as well as dealing with the troubleshooting operations for the organization.

Team 3 Anisha Patnaik Startup Advisor

Ms Anisha Patnaik’s practice focuses in the area of Corporate Commercial laws, with special emphasis on M&As, Joint Ventures and PE/VC investments. She has transactional experience spanning across a broad range of industries/sectors. Anisha is an advisor to TTPL through her firm LexStart, a platform that provides legal and compliance services exclusively to startups.

Team 4 CA Hinesh R Doshi Senior Advisor

Mr. Hinesh R. Doshi, a Chartered Accountant, is a Senior Advisor to TTPL for all its cross-border business dealings. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Hinesh R. Doshi & Co. LLP. He specializes in Tax, Regulatory Services and Laws applicable to foreign companies investing in India or Indian Companies investing abroad. He has expertise of practicing in FEMA, Inbound and Outbound Joint Ventures, International Tax, Double Tax Avoidance Agreements, FIPB approvals and RBI matters. Mr Doshi has been a major contributor to the field of Chartered Accountancy and has numerous professional achievements to his credit.

Team 4 Sanker Swamy Legal Advisor

Mr Sankar Swamy is a Partner at Anoma Legal, one of the leading full service law firms advising companies on legal and regulatory aspects. Sankar is a Legal Advisor to TTPL. His key practice areas include private equity, venture capital funding, structured debt and general corporate advisory.

Team 4 Ketki Dagha and Associates Financial and Tax Advisor

Our Portfolio


Client 1

Tripper WiFi is the first offering by Tripper Technologies Private Limited. With its product Tripper WiFi, TTPL caters to the business as well as travel and tourism industry. Connectivity issues pertaining to communication like high costs, limited options, complicated and time-consuming processes as well as difficulty in getting access to a local SIM are the common problems faced by travellers. Seeing opportunity in the ever-increasing outbound travellers from the country, Tripper WiFi was launched bearing in mind the need for constantly being connected.

Tripper WiFi provides patented virtual SIM-free hotspot device with the help of state of the art technology to business and leisure travellers. It renders software that stimulates data services through virtual modes of technology. Individuals and companies travelling to USA, Europe and UK, for leisure or business, can have constant internet access through the virtual WiFi hotspot device. Even while travelling from one country to another, they can stay connected owing to this technology.

The uniqueness of Tripper WiFi is that it will allow travellers to connect their various devices at one time. The travellers will be able to latch on to the local network enabling them to avail local cost being offered by the country they are travelling to. This allows a traveller to have round the clock communication connectivity in the country they are travelling to and benefit them with cost effectiveness.

TTPL is among the first few companies of India in this space. In the coming years the number of outbound travellers is only likely to grow, bringing about immense opportunities and large markets that can be tapped, helping the company expand exponentially at a pace no other startup has managed to scale in India.


Client 2

Tripper Talk, a communication-centric mobile application, aims to transform the way we communicate and that too at extremely low costs and data usage. Tripper Talk's VoIP service facilitates international calling and messaging other mobile and landline numbers from anywhere across the globe, using virtual numbers. All this can be done SIM-free and with just a data connection. (Coming Soon!)


Client 3

Say goodbye to cumbersome number crunching and confusion when it comes to shared expenses. With the Tripper Divide application, you can maintain records of all the shared expenses that you incur and divide it among as many people as you wish. Be it a family member, friend or colleague, split your expenses incurred over a period of time you choose, in the way you like and put an end to the constant hassle of settling accounts among yourselves. (Coming Soon!)

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